ArchifySpec: Specification Management Software

ArchifySpec specification management software is here



Archify is proud to share that ArchifySpec has arrived! 


Check out the newly launched specification management software! 


Over the past year, we’ve been hard at work building a first-of-its-kind specification management platform to support architects and specifiers.  


From in-depth research into the Australian architecture and design industry, we know that many architects find it difficult to stay up to date with Australian Standards and Building Codes, find product sourcing a significant time challenge, and struggle with efficient workflows, including document control, emails and collaboration across the project team.  


ArchifySpec provides a direct solution to these challenges; empowering architects to write, edit and coordinate project specs and product schedules quickly and efficiently. From design development through to documentation, ArchifySpec emulates the current spec process in a purpose-built cloud-based platform.  


Notably, direct integration with our Archify product platform will save users countless hours typically spent sourcing products. Users can access thousands of architectural product and building material options at the exact time they are required during the documentation process, ready to be selected and confirmed in-platform. For product suppliers and manufacturers, this simultaneously creates new opportunities to be seen, selected and specified.  


BCI Central Chief Operating Officer – Australia & New Zealand, Ashleigh Porter, says: 


“We strongly believe the construction industry can deliver better outcomes and increase productivity by connecting people and data together through technology. This has been our driver for ArchifySpec – a solution to develop faster, smarter and safer specification processes. 

For over 25 years, our software solutions have continued to make a profound impact on the businesses who use them. With ArchifySpec, we are excited to see this further extend to the architectural community across Australia. Today, we are excited to launch our new innovative specification management platform that has the potential to reduce risk, delays and disputes while simultaneously driving efficiency, safety and collaboration through best-practice specification.”  


ArchifySpec’s five-step solution includes Setup, Sections, Products, Specifications and Publish: create a project, set the structure, select products, write documentation and finalise the spec. ArchifySpec connects all parts of the spec process in one scalable and secure online tool the whole practice can utiltise.  


ArchifySpec is available in Australia from Wednesday 13 March 2024. 

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