Introducing ArchifySpec

A specification management software that empowers architects to
write, edit and coordinate project specifications and product schedules quickly and efficiently.


Why Use ArchifySpec?


Increase productivity and efficiency with simplified product selection and pre-written trade-sections, speeding up your spec process.


Access regularly updated Australian Standards and National Construction Codes through SureSpec and SpeedSpec Content Sets, helping your practice design safe and secure buildings.


Unite your design team, external consultants and contributors on one centralised platform to create, advise, revise and publish Schedules and Specs.


Move away from overriding Word and Excel files through customised spec templates with in-built version control.


Synchronise the spec process in one scalable and secure online tool the whole practice can utilise. 

Join the next generation of design teams specifying more efficiently, safely and collaboratively with ArchifySpec.


How Does It Work?

ArchifySpec’s five-step solution includes Setup, Sections, Products, Specifications and Publish; connecting all parts of the spec process in one scalable and secure online tool the whole practice can utilise.  


Create your project: add project details, assign your design team, define key dates and collectively track the project workflow. Keep everyone in the loop and house all your projects in a secure cloud-based platform.


Set the structure: start from scratch or speed up your spec process by working off your internal master specification.


Lay the foundation for your documentation by using your own in-house content or select one of ArchifySpec’s content sets to build your specification trade sections and clauses.


Select your products: access our diverse and technically focused library of over 20,000 products, regularly updated by the manufacturers themselves.


Working with preferred products already? Add your own custom products. If you’re keeping it simple, you can export your product schedules at this step.


Write your documentation: unlike outdated and manual Word docs, the ArchifySpec platform is purpose-built for specification writing.


Ensure accuracy and compliance by using our core library of content with regularly updated Australian Standards and Building Codes across 200+ pre-written trade sections.


Finalise your spec: review your specification utilising features like review revisions and compare versions. Define your branded layout for the final document. Once confirmed, utilise our multiple export options to handover your project spec.

Create Material and Finishes Schedules
with access to thousands of detailed products on Archify

Content Sets

Increase productivity and efficiency by creating accurate and compliant specs using over 200 pre-written trade sections with SureSpec (developed from SpecPack) or SpeedSpec. Each set is associated with Australian Standards and Building Codes, regularly updated by our team of specialists. 


207 Trade Sections

Designed for large-scale projects


104 Trade Sections

Designed for small-scale projects

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